Increase FPS in minecraft

Minecraft's great feature is its light weight. The game's low-resolution pixels and blocks are a good indicator of this, as opposed to some of the more visually impressive games that place virtual realism at the forefront.

Vanilla version of the game runs on virtually any PC. There are many other platforms that will also work with it. Gamer complaints such as lag and in-game stuttering are common. Minecraft is a game that is played by a large player base. This can negatively impact both the developer and the player base.

Change video settings

Many gamers have powerful gaming systems. However, some players may have low-end computers that have difficulty running higher settings of the game.

Minecraft was designed for kids. This is evident in the appearance of mobs and the blocky world. Over the years, Minecraft has been enjoyed by people of all ages. Minecraft is currently the most popular video game, surpassing Grand Theft Auto 5 by quite a bit.

Although the above tweaks can reduce lag and increase FPS, it does limit the game's visual quality and disable certain features such as animation and smooth lighting. Minecraft 1.18 has been one of the most buggy versions of Minecraft.

Download Optifine

Optifine is one the most popular performance mods in the game. It is the parent mod to a large number of mods, resource packs and texture packs.

Players can also allocate more RAM to Optifine installation, which will help avoid crashes and errors such as the "Minecraft has run out of memory" error. Shader support is the most significant and important change to the game.


Shaders can be used to completely change the appearance of a game. Most shaders bring about dramatic changes in the game's lighting. Some shaders can cause frame drops or stutters in the game. It is best to turn them off while you follow this guide.