Minecraft dungeons sheep guide

They are one of the most common mobs in Minecraft. They behave largely the same as other mobs and can also be killed to get item drops. The only difference between the sheep and other Minecraft Dungeons creatures is their ability to be enchanted.

Only weapons, armor, or certain other items can be enchanted in Minecraft. Mobs can't enchant, but they can in Minecraft Dungeons. This makes them much more powerful. These are the facts players should know about sheep in Minecraft Dungeons.


Sheep in Minecraft Dungeons: A complete guide

Minecraft Dungeons' sheep appearance is very similar to Minecraft. Only difference is that Minecraft Dungeons has a slightly saturated texture for the sheep.

These levels are suitable for spawning sheep:

Sheep will behave in the same manner as Minecraft. This is very similar to any passive mob. They will roam aimlessly and eat grass. This is similar to what Minecraft Dungeons cows do and what both mobs did back in the original game.


An enchanted sheep cannot be enchanted with an enchanter but can be spawned already enchanted. Enchanted sheep are characterized by glowing yellow eyes and a defense- or speed-based enchantment.

Any offensive enchantment that has an effect on sheep will not be applied. The fire trail enchantment does not affect the Minecraft Dungeons player, for example.


Sheep can be spawned up to level 103. This means that they have a maximum health of 2498.4, making it more difficult to kill. Because Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have a need for wool, they won’t drop it like in Minecraft.

They can also drop common items such as meat, weapons and armor. However, these items aren't very useful except for salvaging emeralds.