Minecraft Prison Servers


Minecraft Prison Servers

Prison servers in Minecraft aren't put in some of those huge all-natural biomes that are characteristic of the game. Instead, they simply take players into a map designed as a brick and mortar prison, in which he/she needs to mine, gather resources, swap them for cash, and rank up to earn freedom. Some prison servers also allow gamers to purchase a plot of land to construct their foundation on it.

But mostly, prison hosts constitute an underground adventure, featuring lots of exploration, mining, and sometimes even PvP battles. In this article, we rank some of the very best Minecraft servers which have great prison match modes for users.

MineSuperior has proven to be one of the most popular servers when it has to do with prison gameplay. This Minecraft server isn't solely dedicated to prison games, however, and does feature plenty of additional game modes such as Factions, Skyblock, Creative, Survival, Towny, etc...

This server is quite active, with a massive fan following. Furthermore, MineSuperior gets regular updates and hosts weekly challenges and events to keep things clean.

If you're looking for a hugely common host with more game modes than you can perform with, then DestinyMC should be among the servers you need to check out.

It does justice to the prison game style as well as others like Pixelmon, Survival, Skyblock, etc.. This machine also features a ton of custom content also allows for good immersive gameplay for many of its users.

MineVille is one Minecraft server that has more than enough material to keep you occupied for days, or even months! They stick to three game modes, surrounding Survival, Skyblock, and Prison.

This server features a great deal of custom material, such as custom enchantments, player levels, jobs, crates and chests, races, and even marriages! With regular updates and an extremely active community of lovers, MineVille is among the very best Minecraft servers made.

Minecraft Central is a host which focuses a lot on maintaining their content current and going through regular cycles of refreshing the sport modes by resetting and introducing new seasons of these games.

Game modes like Prison, Survival, and Creative have made this server tremendously popular among its own active fan base. With voting rewards as well as custom content, this server is worth a go.

Purple Prison is a host which focuses mostly on its prison gameplay. This machine has a great deal of content to cater to the community of lovers and claims to be the very best prison server for Minecraft.

Some of its features include custom plugins, voting rewards, status rewards, lots of randomly generated loot, a well-known economy, as well as regular events and challenges to keep things exciting and fresh.