NFTs in Minecraft ?


Minecraft may soon be integrated into the rapidly-developing world play-to-earn. In a press release, GAIMIN, a Swiss company, revealed that it plans to create a "metaverse environment" with NFTs and Minecraft's play-to-earn system. According to GAIMIN, the release will include 'play to-earn 2.0'. Players don't even have to play to earn assets.

The community is concerned about the inclusion of metaverse content in what is essentially a children's game. Although Minecraft is enjoyed by many 'grown gamers,' there is no doubt that the game was designed primarily for children. GAIMIN, an NFT and cryptocurrency company, has not yet expressed any concern about the morality of Minecraft. Some minecraft servers have already said that they were unwilling to incorporate nfts into their servers.


GAIMIN has a broad vision for bringing crypto and gaming closer together as we move into 2022. GAIMIN announced the launch of an elite esports team in a tweet posted on the 11th January. The announcement was made just days after GAIMIN Genesis NFT's launch.

GAIMIN Gladiators, an esports venture of the company, is called the GAIMIN Gladiators. (Image Credit: GAIMIN)

The Minecraft-focused venture would introduce play-to earn mechanics to the ten year-old game. GAIMIN's project will allow players to install a plug-in that provides a dedicated metaverse for Minecraft. This plug-in will allow players to use NFTs as well as 'blockchain based components' within Minecraft. It is a game they already love.

Joseph Turney, Chief Gaming Officer at GAIMIN made the following statement:

Our first target for gaming and blockchain technology is Minecraft. Our Metaverse environment has been built entirely on NFT and blockchain technology. Minecraft players have the ability to access our Minecraft environment via the GAIMIN platform. They can play Minecraft and generate passively GMRX rewards that they can use in-game.

GAIMIN Minecraft will allow players to earn cryptocurrency while they play the game, according to reports. The GAIMIN token will gain intrinsic value once it is listed. Players will then be able use it to trade NFTs or other cryptocurrency.


GAIMIN hopes to inspire other developers to adopt the Minecraft play-to earn project. GAIMIN's CEO has stated that they will eventually offer an SDK for developers using the Unreal platform. This SDK would allow developers to unlock the untold Metaverse potential of Unreal, which is one of the most popular development platforms in 2022.

GAIMIN was founded in 2017 to empower gamers, at least when it comes to blockchain technology. Its main goal is to allow players to effectively monetise their high-end gaming computers' computational power. If this project is a success, it will be a significant milestone in play-to-earn and a leap forward for the company.

Whether you're for or against NFTs, you're sure to find an option on most Minecraft server lists.