Top 5 aquatic mobs in Minecraft

There are several types of mobs in Minecraft. Many mobs in Minecraft are based upon real-life animals such as sheep, pigs or wolves. However, mobs such as the ender dragon and blazes, wither and ender skeletons and endermen are created from fantasy and folklore.

Players will meet many of these mobs on their journeys. They live in various biomes around Minecraft. Most mobs can be found on the ground, but a few can be encountered underwater and can be interacted by swimming or boating.

This article will highlight five mobs that are able to swim.

5) Glow Squids

Glow Squids were introduced to the game with the Caves and Cliffs update in June 2021. This mob is one of the most recent additions to the game. It looks very similar to regular squids. Their color is aqua luminescent, not blue.

Glow squids can be found in underground cave systems that are filled with water. You can hear them from far away emitting a soft, windchime sound. They are passive and can be killed by hostile mobs, such as drowned or axolotls.

4) Fish

There are four types of fish in the game. You can hunt them with any weapon, or catch them using a fishing rod. The player can eat salmon or cod as a source of raw food or cooked food.

You can find tropical fish in many sizes and shapes. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns. While they are passive, pufferfish can inflict poison damage on anyone who is near them. A bucket can be used to catch every fish.

3) Guardian/ Elder Guardian

Guardians are hostile mobs you can find around or inside ocean monuments. They attack players as well as other mobs such as squids and axolotls.

They can fire at the player with a laser that does three hearts of damage when fully charged.

The Elder Guardian, a stronger and more powerful variant of the Elder Guardian, can be found in ocean monuments. This mob causes the player to suffer from Mining Fatigue, a status effect that can cause fatigue.

2) Axolotls

Along with glow squids, axelotls were also added to the game. These adorable aquatic mobs are not designed to attack players, but they can also attack other aquatic creatures, such as turtles, dolphins, or axolotls.

They only spawn under water, in lush caves. The game contains five types of axolotls.

1) Dolphins

Dolphins can be found swimming in unfrozen ocean biomes as neutral mobs. They often approach players in the ocean to give them the "Dolphin's Grace status effect". This allows players to swim faster than a player in their boat.

Dolphins will attack the player if they are hit. It is similar to the way zombified piglins attack piglins.