Why? Minecraft!


Why? Minecraft!

Minecraft is a popular game with more than 140 million users per month in 2021.

How does Minecraft work? And how safe is it for children to use? Here's everything you need.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a virtual "sandbox" game. You can create your own virtual worlds or experiences by using resources or building blocks. Although you will need to start with the basics and then move on to more complicated resources, you can eventually create your world in any way you like.

While the price ranges may vary depending on which platform you use, Minecraft will never cost you more than PS25. This price includes all mods (community-made improvements to a game) as well as skins (aesthetic enhancements to a character). You can play Minecraft on a smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can choose to play in either a single-player or multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode allows players to work together to create their Minecraft world.

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It is so popular because of this.

Minecraft is a free-form game. There are no instructions or goals. Players can create and explore as they please. It is often compared with virtual Lego.

This gives Minecraft fans a lot of freedom in how they play. You can create a fantasy world from scratch or recreate one. You can also fight villains and seek adventure.

It can be played at any level. You will need to have a certain level of skill to advance to the next level in many popular games. This can be frustrating for children as young as five who may not have the time or abilities to make progress in a game. Minecraft allows children to create their own adventures at every level.

What should parents be aware of?

Age restrictions

Different Minecraft versions have different age restrictions. Some mods may contain more violence than other. Keep in mind that Minecraft offers an in-game chat. Age ratings range from 7+ to 13+.

Minecraft's standard terms and conditions state that children under 13 years old must have parental permission to play. Children under 13 years old can play Minecraft in the UK without parental permission. However, it is not illegal.

Minecraft is extremely popular among primary school children, despite the age restriction. The game isn't inappropriate for children.

Chat functions

There are two types of chat in Minecraft: Realms and Server chats. Mojang, the game developers, hosts realm chat and moderators it. Each player can set up server chat. Usually, players invite their friends to join their Minecraft server and use chat. However, some players offer an invitation that allows anyone to join.

Remind children about the dangers of talking to strangers online.

Remember that players might also be chatting via Discord, another chat forum with different safety settings. Remind children not move onto other platforms for communication.

Chat features allow children to communicate with others who share similar interests in gaming. There is no way to verify who these people might be. Recommendation: Young children should not chat with other players in-game unless they are familiar with them.

It is also important that children do not give out any personal information or transfer their conversations to other online areas that could be considered private.

YouTube videos of Minecraft

Many Minecraft users enjoy watching fan-made YouTube videos to improve and learn new techniques.

Many of these videos are appropriate for children. Minecraft doesn't have any graphic content. However, some videos include monsters, trolls spiders and zombies that some children might find frightening. Some videos contain explicit or sexual commentary, while others encourage bullying. These videos may be suitable for you.

You might try searching for "profanity-free Minecraft servers". Even so, it may be worth checking the videos before children see them.

YouTube's Safety Mode can be turned on to block inappropriate content.

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Reporting functions

Minecraft currently does not have an instant'report' function. Your child should be cautious when joining a server. Your child might be exposed to offensive language and rude comments if they are gaming with someone older than them. Minecraft reserves the right to terminate any player who violates the terms and conditions.

You can report players by going to Minecraft's helpdesk and submitting a complaint. This is something that an adult might prefer to do than a child. It's a little complicated.

You can report any user who breaks the rules to a moderator, who can ban them.